Hi! My name is David Fernandes, I'm a photographer, graphic designer and videographer based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. I'm also a Nikon Pro Specialist. I take on all kinds of work along side my personal projects including commercial clients.
I cover all kinds of campaigns from stop motion animation to print ads, events, head shots and product photography.
I am a self confessed photography nerd that is happiest when creating something new across multiple mediums.  I love finding new challenges so that I might learn something new. I started photography by picking up my dads old Kodak box brownie as it was pretty much the only way for me to be creative other than drawing! It was a hobby that I only took seriously once I picked up some studio lights and medium format camera for a bargain price. I've been playing around with lighting ever since. I graduated from the London College of Printing  having earned a BaHons in Media Production Design. College helped me develop story telling. While I was there I was able to teach other students studio photography and location lighting techniques. I have since been freelancing, taking on work for a variety of companies, covering portraiture, corporate promotional videos and  headshots. Throughout I have developed my personal projects which can be seen here.
American Express, Nikon, F.T., Equity, Brighton & Hove Council, Lumesse, Peabody Trust,   E.C. Group, Willmott Dixon Construction, Alzeimers Association, Bacardi, BBC WORLDWIDE Ltd, B.C.S.E. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Citibank, Christian Dior, Courtaulds, D.T.I., Helena Rubenstein, Kodak, Lanson Champagne, Mastercard, Microsoft, M.F.I, M&G Records, Oasis, Yardley, Visa, Sainsburys Homebase, Starbucks, Sony, Warburtons, William Hill, 3Fox International, R.C.G.P. Ruffer LLP, Spofforths LLP, U.C.L. Watson, Farley & Williams LLP.
Published work appearing in:
Arena homme Plus, Attitude Magazine, G.Q., Hair Flair, Hair, Hair Dressers Journal,
Independent Magazine, Vogue (German edition), various Annual Reports and brochures.
Awarded title ‘L.B.I.P.P.’ by the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Awarded
title ‘Travel Photographer of 1993’ by Time Out.
Bookings and Inquiries
Drop me an email or give me a call!
If you'd like to work with me, or just fancy a chat, please don't hesitate to get in touch as I'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch at: david@arc172.com
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